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Yacht Club

Ronaldo Yacht Club is an Ethereum blockchain-based project, built with the concept of NFTs and Metaverse. Ronaldo Yacht Club is basically an NFT platform that provides the users and gamers with the opportunities to mint and trade NFTs to earn huge assets. The users and investors will be able to get the membership from Ronaldo Yacht Club and enjoy unlimited benefits and incentives. Using Ethereum Blockchain, Ronaldo Yacht Club ensures the decentralised working of the platform with open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. It makes it a secure and transparent platform where the investors and users can put their trust through getting the membership and investing in the NFTs.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Ronaldo Yacht Club is to create a platform where the users, artists, and investors will be able to put their trust and earn money through it. The platform aims at providing a facility of membership to the users where they will be able to avail more opportunities to grow financially and business-wise. This will also help to grow Blockchain in every corner of the world through the premium benefits and quality services of Ronaldo Yacht Club with its Metaverse and unique NFTs. On the other hand, the Vision of Ronaldo Yacht Club is quite favourable for the users and investors who will be benefited on a larger and broader scale. The users will be able to learn to mint and trade their NFTs in a secure and competitive environment. This will help to the platform to enhance its capabilities as per the learning of users and the requirements of the time and market.

Use Case

Use case increases the profitability of a platform since the use of its assets keeps it in the rotation of people and users. If a currency has no utility, it will never have value in the people's wallets. Here, the RYC will be utilised to teach a variety of skills for a variety of purposes. People will utilise this platform to learn via the metaverse virtual world.

NFT Market

An NFT is a digital asset that replicates real-world components, such as artwork, music, in-game goods, and motion pictures. Typically, they are encoded using the same software as the vast majority of other cryptocurrencies, and they are commonly acquired and sold online alongside other cryptocurrencies. Even though NFTs have been accessible since 2014, they are becoming an increasingly popular way to acquire and trade digital art. Non-financial activities have cost a staggering $174 million since November 2017.

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The ecosystem of Ronaldo Yacht Club is very broader and more robust as it is based on the Ethereum blockchain which is one of the most effective and secure blockchains. The ecosystem of the platform entirely focuses on learning and NFT art, which makes it more reliable and full of opportunities for investors and users. The ecosystem of Ronaldo Yacht Club consists of Holding, NFTs, Metaverse, and Learning from Ronaldo Yacht Club, which is explained below, in detail.

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Why Ronaldo Yacht Club?

Transparency, Immutability, Easy to use and even Eco-friendly
These are one of many features we're proud of. Learn about all our features using the link down below!

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Collection Details

Ronaldo Yacht Club

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Total Collection

44 NFTs

Team and Giveaways


We've set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

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